Bernese Mountain Dog

Golden Doodle

End O' Lane Kennels
283 Sinclare Road
Delta, PA 17314

1-717- 862-3638

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your call will be returned.

End O' Lane Kennels
283 Sinclare Road
Delta, PA 17532

1-717- 862-3638

Please leave message, your call will be returned.

Located in Southern York County near the borough of Delta, Pennsylvania is where you'll find the End O Lane Farm. This tranquil setting is home to David Fisher and his family. Where they maintain a small kennel for breeding Bernese Mountain and Golden Doodle.

Steeped in the tradition of their strong family heritage, the Fishers apply gentleness and love as they provide excellent treatment to all their animals. By the time the puppies reach the age to go to a new home, they are very social and lovingly respond to human attention.

Their modern kennel provides sanitary conditions with year around temperature control. In addition, the dogs are fed a high quality nutritious diet for health and longevity. Further, the dogs are housed in quiet surroundings away from undue noise and other disturbances which tend to excite and foster aggressive behavior.

Several years ago the price for raw milk dropped to an all time low. All across the nation, dairy farmers either sold their herds or sought ways to augment their earnings. It was then that David started breeding the family pet, a Golden Retriever, for additional income. Since then, David has slowly expanded and improved his breeding operations until today he enjoys status as a premier breeder, with sales as far away as California.

More than anything else, what accounts for the kennels success is mainly due to providing healthy puppies and by word of mouth advertising. For, much of End O' Lane sales results from recommendation by satisfied clients.

You are invited to visit and inspect the kennels. Visitors are welcome every day except Sunday. Please call to arrange for appointment and directions. When calling, ask for list of available puppies.

OUR MISSION is to place strong healthy puppies with kind, loving, individuals and families. We do not require any buyer approval application. However, we ask that you pledge to take our puppy into your life and provide all creature comfort and care as is necessary to insure it's well being. Also, we ask that you, at least, return to your puppy a mere fraction of the love and affection he gives to you. And, always remember, your dog loves you more than it's self.

All puppies are Vet checked before leaving and guaranteed for 2 years