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Hello David
I just wanted to say, thank you for our Bernese.
Her name is Ivy and she was born in Sept ’06.
She is in excellent health at 95 lbs. and is a beloved member of our family.

David T
South Bend, Indiana

Hello David,
We got our Goldendoodle around March of 2006. His name is Mickeydoodle. I remember picking him out because he was the calmest pup of the litter. Well did he trick us. As a pup he was very curious and always getting into something. He even ate some landscaping stones when he was just over a year old and needed major surgery, but thank God he pulled through. He is 3 years old now and is the best pet anyone could ask for. I picked the breed for their ability to associate with children. He is very protective of my daughter and wife, but yet does not have a mean bone in his body. He loves to play with other dogs, and looks forward to taking my daughter to school every morning. He has become so popular with some of the children at the school that if they do not see him before they start school they don't have a good day. What a blessing he has been to our family.
Shawn S.

Hello David,

I wanted to write you about the Pug puppy we purchased from you. We bought a little female from you 8/9/08. We had come to see you with our male pug, Casey, if you remember. The pup we got from you we named Jordan Shea.......Jordan for the River Jordan, --because she has really been a God send to us. I don't know if we had told you but we had lost our border collie/Dalmatian mix on July 28th,at the age of 7, after she got sick from an infection and after surgery. She had hemorrhaged during the surgery so we had to let her go in peace. We were all so lost without her and our pug had stopped eating he was so depressed. Well, we found you and came to see your pugs, and purchased Jordan. She is such a beautiful pup and we love her so much. I wanted to thank you again for this beautiful pup who is such a sweetie. I have been telling people who see her and are interested in a pug or dog of their own to contact you. We are so happy with our baby, that I know anyone who has an opportunity to get a paws from you will be as satisfied as we are. I am enclosing the latest photos of Jordan for you to see. If ever we are looking for another pup - I will most certainly get in touch with you.

Thanks again-- God bless you and yours!
Fran and David E.

Jordan Shea


We purchased a Goldendoodle from you not too long ago and named her Maggie. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving us such a precious dog. She is now 4 months old and about 20 pounds. She's a great climber and swimmer and loves going to dog parks. Thank you so much for letting us adopt such a wonderful dog! I've attached a picture of her first vet visit. God bless!


Jane & Shawn

Hello David,

We want you to know how wonderful our Cavachon puppy (Brodie) is doing. Now
9 months old, he's healthy and full of energy. Loves to play, he is
affectionate and very much wants to please us all the time. He's quite long
and weighs about 18 lbs. Those big brown eyes keep him from getting into
trouble when he's ornery! He's a chewer and loves his toys!

We have 16 year old Bichon who really livened up when Brodie came into our
home. They LOVE each other!

When do you expect more litters of this breed? I'm looking for the blenheim
spotted Cavachon, or maybe black and tan. Let me know if these become
available. Brodie was neutered in June. We are not looking to breed.

Thanks much, and God bless!

Terry D.
Landenberg, PA


I bought a 9 week old white and tan cavachon from you in May of 2008.
He is now almost 7 months old! (October 5th)

I just wanted to write and THANK YOU for giving me such a wonderful and loving dog.
Bear is my first puppy/dog and he has been wonderful. He was basically house trained in 2 weeks!

He has had a few accidents here and there but that is to be expected.

I did a lot of traveling this past summer and Bear was a great companion.
He is around 11lbs now and getting bigger everyday.
I will attach a few recent pictures to the email.

All the best,
Caline; PA

Hello David
I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful puggle I adopted almost a month ago. He is a wonderful pup, and a great addition to our family. Thanks again

I attached a picture. -Sarah

Hi David

My husband, Tom and I purchased a male Goldendoodle from you ….we named him Spencer, he is now 3 ½ years old and I am in love. He is so sweet and affectionate. Our 2 year old granddaughter, Brooke just loves him and he is ever so patient with her, especially when she wants to ride him like a pony. I just had him at the vet for his yearly check up and he is in perfect health. I can’t walk down the street with out someone stopping us and asking “what kind of dog is that”. Spencer is loved by everyone. Thank you for this wonderful addition to our family.

Here’s a picture of Spencer with Brooke (best friends!)

Sincerely, Terri McKeon, Jim Thorpe, PA

Dear David:

We love our new Golden Doodle we named him Buddy. He is 6 months old now and a wonderful dog, playful with a great loyal personality. He has bonded very well with our family and considers us his "Pack".

Thanks again for selling us such a well bred healthy puppy.

Smith Family
Rockville MD

Dear David ,

We want to thank you so much for our beautiful Puggle that we recently purchased from you . She is absolutely a dream come true . My children are in love with her & we are sorry that we only purchased one . She is the most cuddly , loveable , & sweetest dog we have ever seen . We will highly recommend you to everyone & cannot thank you enough for making this the most perfect experience .

Thank You !
The Iovelli family
Manalapan , N.J.


About two years ago, we bought an amazing, beautiful Goldendoodle from you. The whole family loves him, ecspecially our other dog who never leaves his side. We named him Jacob, or Jake for short. He is great with children. I, the youngest daughter in the family, has became best friends with him and find that I would rather spend every second of my day with him than any of my friends because he is my best friend, so I decided I would email you to thank you! We will send pictures soon, I promise!

Cantori Family
New Windsor, NY


My husband Charles and I bought our Goldendoodle from you back in August 2006, He is absolutely beautiful, loving and a joy to have. He is so good to our 3 Yorkies. His name is Clancy and he has been doing therapy work for Pets on Wheels since he was 4 month old. Everyone who sees Clancy love him and we have given your name to several people who wanted a Goldendoodle.

Thanks, Clancy is a true joy

Hello Patrick,

This is Russet of Boston. He is six months old and a wonderful addition to our family. He has a gentle temperament, playful but not destructive. He has found a place in all our hearts. But he especially likes our six year old son.

The adoption process was handled through email and phone conversations. And, we were excited to see him for the first time when we picked him up at Logan Airport.
Thanks, End O' Lane. We are very satisfied. ...Liz P.

Hi Patrick,

I don't know if you remember me but I got the rotti puppy from your friend David back in November. She is now 7 months old and she just weighted in at 83 lbs. The vet says she is doing terrific!!!!!

She is a big love and is so playful, she is now is advanced training and is doing excellent, and I also take her to an off leash park everyday for 2 hours. She loves to go and play with her friends.

Anyway, a friend of mine who is absolutely in love with kira would like to know if David is breeding again. She loves the temperament that my dog has and would love to have one from the same person that I got kira from. If you could please ask David if he plans to breed the rottis again or if he already has could you please let me know. If he has and you have some pictures of the puppies please send them and I would gladly pass them on, and then hopefully they can get in contact with each other.

Thanks so much

Dear Patrick,

Would you please tell David for us that we love Gracie. She is funny and sweet and smart (especially about wanting to go out to do her business) and loves the snow, even the ice. I think she'd spend all day out if it weren't so cold.

She is responsive, makes eye-contact and often runs like a bunny and can take off vertically. She is quick and loves to catch balls and a Frisbee. Learned to go downstairs yesterday. Is independent, but really enjoys playing with us and our friends. Will sit in our laps for a while and cuddle so we think she likes us, too. She sleeps on a blanket beside my bed and mostly sleeps through the night (that is really great). She whimpers when she wants to go out and then goes back to sleep unless we are getting up.

She is calm and relaxed. Happily went to the vet in a little box and stayed put. She's adorable.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to have so much fun! We'll send some photos when we get the chance and the computer cooperates.

Barbara and Jeremy
Watertown, MA

Just wanted you to know how thrilled we are to have Delilah as our family member and to tell (and show) you what a wonderful pet she is!

When we picked her out of the litter in mid-May 2006, she was barely six weeks old and I could hold her in the palm of my hand. Today, she is big enough to rest her head on our dining room table and is 110 pounds of furry love. As you know, we have five kids and another Bernese Mountain dog, Ava. Delilah has taken over the house, and everyone – even Ava – is totally smitten!

Thanks for giving us such a great animal – she is healthy, BEAUTIFUL!, intelligent, a ton of fun and, truly man, woman and child’s best friend.

I am attaching a photo of her out in the snow last winter – she’s the dog in the foreground – hope it will reproduce on your site.

All best wishes,

David Nellis

Dear David:

I would like to start by thanking you for such a wonderful dog. Nikko is everything that you said he would be. I have seen many Bernese Mountain Dogs, but none as beautiful as mine. I have had numerous people stop me to inquire about my dog. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I will gladly recommend you to any one interested in a Bernese Mountain Dog.


Gina DiPin

We would just like to thank you again our Bernese, Benson, that we bought from you is wonderful. I just wanted to send you an updated picture of him.

Thanks Sarah T